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I always let time get the best of me.. I get too busy or I think what I have to say doesn’t matter. I feel that no matter what I say or do no one will truly see the real me or the real feelings. I feel that way more then ever today. I can’t get across my feelings without feeling so upset, that I push away the people who matter most. I have to stop myself and wonder am I so upset because what they are saying is true or because they don’t know the real me…

It is a constant battle every time. It doesn’t matter what the battle is about, but it’s always there. It has been for years. When I look at myself I see a successful woman trying to make the best of the time I have here. I see myself as someone not afraid to take risks or stand up for what I believe in. I am starting to think that being that way is not okay.. I am starting to think that being this way alienates me and puts me on the battle field with ones who are close. I don’t know how to be myself around the people who have known me my whole life. I feel like I don’t belong and I don’t know why. Is it me? Am I the issue?

How do I become a person that they can be proud of? What do I need to do? I am not perfect, far from it. I make mistakes all the time, but I try to learn from them and be better. What if I am not being better? What if I am just going in a circle of decisions that really don’t better me.

I thought moving to California would solve everything. I thought it would bring me peace to be close to my son and in a new environment. I thought this was where I belonged. I am starting to see that all I am doing is running. I am running from myself and my past. I am learning that being in California does not really mean I am close to my son. It means I am a 4 hour drive, that I can’t make. I knew that coming out here, but I think in my mind I thought it would be bring me peace to be closer. All it has done is create frustration that I am so close, yet so far away. I can’t just jump in my car and see him, and I knew that before I moved out here. But that doesn’t make it an easier.

At the end of the day it all steams back from the day I made the decision to go the route I did, adoption. That day my fate was set. I fear I will spend the rest of my life chasing a feeling or a place that doesn’t exists. I see people everyday having major life moments, having babies, getting engaged, buying homes and I feel lost. I feel like those things are not attainable for me. I feel as if I gave up the right to want those things and to let those things happen. I think I run because in my mind I have too. I am supposed to be out living my life, and I am, but at what costs. How do I stop chasing a place and a feeling that doesn’t exist and never will. I will never be the person I was before that day, and I am okay with that. How do I find the peace of mind in finding home, because right now I don’t know where that is or how to find it…








Another Morning

I woke up this morning around 6:00. In this past year I have had a mental alarm clock ring right around that time every day. Some mornings I wake up use the bathroom and go back to bed, others I’m up for the day. This morning felt different. I woke up drank a glass of water went to use the bathroom and just stopped. I stopped in front of the mirror having a weird feeling. I turned my head away and used the bathroom, and then went back in front of the mirror. It felt like I was in a daze that I couldn’t shake myself out of. I was confused looking at my reflection. I started to feel a little sad. Although I was unsure why.. Sometimes I get like this, for no apparent reason at the moment. I later on find out from Kim that something happened with Jesse, most of the time all good things. Call me crazy, but it’s almost as if my body knows. There is a connection unlike any other between mother and child, as I write this with tears racing down my face.

I remember thinking my mom was crazy when she would tell me she called because “she had a feeling” something was wrong or going on. Even to this day when I’m having a hard time or something has gone terribly wrong, she’ll text me out of the blue. She is not the best communicator, but in those moments she knows. A mother knows. Although, this is not a feeling of fear for me in this moment, it is a feeling of being in the unknown. I KNOW my son is being loved and taken care of, I KNOW what he looks like, but what sounds did he make today? What words is he forming today? Is he running around the house yet? In this exact moment is he sound asleep or eating or playing? It’s the unknown. I don’t know. That moment takes over me often. It used to happen all day, regardless of my whereabouts. I would start thinking about it and tear up and become very saddened. Now, it is mostly in the mornings and nights. All day I think about him, because everything reminds me of him but it doesn’t become a daze all of the time anymore. Now, a lot of times when I think of him I laugh. I laugh about the times we shared in my visits or the pictures I have of him from Kim. It isn’t always a bad emotion and honestly I don’t think any of it is “bad” emotion. I think it is natural emotion.

Side bar, as I’m writing this I took a second looked down and realized I am wearing the exact pajama combination I wore when my water broke. I big baggy t-shirt and silky crop baggy bottoms.. The daze. I understand it now. That September 9th, 5:30 am morning was unlike any other and I’ll treasure that warm sensation of labor beginning for ever.

The bonds are strong. I’ll never forget leaving Kim’s home this past visit.. I had been there for four days, not full days, but I think she was ready to get back to life as usual. When my Uber pulled up to take me to the airport I grabbed my stuff and was slowly walking out. I said good-bye a million times, told Jesse I loved him over and over and hugged him over and over again, although I still feel as if I should a have given one more. I am walking out of the door with my back facing the street and facing them at the door and Jesse starts to cry/scream reaching for me as I have to say goodbye. I didn’t even know how to handle that situation, I just looked at him and said I would see him soon and that I loved him. Now, maybe he was crying because that’s what babies do when people leave, but I felt it inside of me. I felt the sadness of saying goodbye, for him and myself. He grew inside of me for 9 full months… The only comfort he knew was me, and I know that he feels that when I am near and even when I am far. We are connected in a way that no one else will ever be connected, and when I start fearing the unknown I remember that. It becomes less fearful. I start just imagining him doing all the things I’m wondering if he is doing. I start thinking about his smile and his active spirt. My mind is at ease. Yes, I do not have the answers to my questions but the most important question is already answered. Did he wake up loved and taken care of? Yes.


My son turned 1 last week. 1 year old. Where did the time go? I now understand what people say about time flying so fast when you have children. I swear it was as if he was just born, I closed my eyes and now he is 1. And he is the best 1 year old!

I am sitting in an airport right now headed to his birthday party in LA. My last few visits to LA to see him have been short, one day or a few hours, this time it is a three day trip. Three days with my son. Three days to take in every scent, sound and movement. I am so nervous and so excited. Nervous to see him and his family. I don’t want to be a let down to them. I just had to leave me job because of a horrible situation that occurred and now I am going to see them and I have to tell them I already left my fist “grown up” job. I know they will understand the reasoning for leaving it, but it’s frustrating. I do everything I can, everyday, to make them proud and him proud. My days aren’t about me and they haven’t been for almost two years. I don’t wake up in the morning and say what can I do to fulfill myself today, I say what can I do to fulfill my son and his family today. What can I do to make them proud of the woman they know as Hopey. Ah. It’s time to put a show on and act as if my life is going amazing. And maybe it is, maybe everything going on is the best thing for me.

I do not need to have a pity party. I am done doing that right now. Honestly though, most of the people in my life couldn’t tell you the first or last problem going on in my life. Most of them would tell you that I am always happy and nothing ever gets me down, or nothing major is happening. I put on a front because I do not want anyone to see me vulnerable, because what would happen then? Would I let people in and allow them to see that I do have more then just sunshine and rainbows. Now, it is not to say I act unrealistic or naive. I just do not see why I should put my problems on anyone else and weigh down their life. We all know that people are going through things, and who am I to put my stuff on top of that. I do not cry in front of people. I do not scream in front of people. I do not talk about the deep issues I struggle with every day. The most ironic part about this is that this is an anonymous blog. Very few people know about this blog, maybe two people. I won’t even share this with them. I can’t be seen as weak. I can’t be seen as weak because then what would happen? Almost every friend I have ever had has tried to take advantage of me as it is, can you imagine if I showed this vulnerable side? What would happen? I run from confrontation, most of the time, and my friends and family know that. Friends I have had for years think I do not realize they are doing it. Well, I do. But that is besides the point. It is on my mind right now, but that is not the important thing right now.

I need to focus on that beautiful baby boy, the most beautiful boy. It is his weekend! Although, I have a very strong feeling every weekend and every day is always his. He is a lucky little boy to have the world at his feet and the most amazing family to provide it for him. I am grateful to be part of it, even it is only for a weekend a few times a year. Here is to Jesse and the happiness of this weekend and the rest of all of our days!


Sometimes I think that the only love I’ll ever need is the love of my son. I think that will be enough. I have spent the last few years of my life running away from anything that even showed a hint of truth. Even before he come along, I ran. I would use sex to feel fulfilled. That would be the fix I would use for that piece I didn’t want to chase after. Whether it was sex once a year, or a a regular thing, I used that. I remember so vividly the last time I really felt love from a man. Now, it seems like it was a life time ago. I sometimes think that love tainted me. I don’t know why. It was a great love, but a love that had bad strings attached. It was a young love, a love that blinded me from everything else going on around it. He became my life. It became all about him and wanting to be with him. I think that might partly scare me from it. I let it take over my life, and ya know, honestly, I think that it was an okay thing to happen. He changed my world. He made me more happy but at the same time so helpless. I felt I needed him to be happy and that he held that happiness. It was a time in both of our lives where we were young and wild. We made decisions we probably shouldn’t have and that caused us to hurt each other as well. I can remember him going back home for christmas, and right before he left we had sex for the first time and used the “L” word to each other. When he came back from that trip I was all of the sudden deleted off Facebook and I couldn’t understand why. Well, it turns out he had a whole different life going on back home. There was a girl before me, and then I showed up and messed things up, or at least made them confusing. It was heart breaking, but I still held on. I held on to him and thought I could just look past it. I thought maybe if he knew how much it hurt me, he would say sorry and end it. Well, we all know life is never that simple, and they continued to be together for a little bit, eventually it ended, but the worst part was I STAYED. I decided that it didn’t matter to me what life he had back home, because he was here now and I was there now. I wanted to live in the now and I wanted to be with him. He made me smitten in ways I had never felt smitten before. It was a very confusing time. In the end they ended and we stuck. We were together for months after that ordeal. It was some of the best months in my love life yet. He made me happy in all the ways needed. Sexually, we had chemistry like I have not felt since. Emotionally, we connected on such a deep level, that I still have not found someone I connected with that deep. Well, I take that back, kind of, I think, my Hawaii trip brought about a whole new side of me, but that post will come next! He fulfilled me and treated me like a princess when we were together, and I treated him well, not because I had to or he had too but because we both wanted too. We both wanted to make each other happy, and we did. He played hockey in my home town and with that comes a season ending and a man on a plane back home, far away from MN. He was from NY and at the end of the season was headed back there. On the day he left he brought me flowers and asked me to be official with him, to try and make things work long-distance. In my heart I wanted it, I wanted it more then anything in the world. My head on the other hand thought of Christmas when he went home for a week and came back in relationship. I didn’t want to go through that again, and be that woman who stays. So, I said I wanted to see how things went while he was home. This is where the running began, well it started far before this but not as bad. I remember being in Indiana, and then bam, all the sudden I quit answering his calls, texts, Skype calls, EVERYTHING. Out of the blue. It wasn’t like he did something or anything, I just stopped. I still don’t know the exact reason, but I see one thing now, that was the beginning of the end. The end being my love life. It wasn’t even a conscious thing, it just happened, and has continued to happen over the years. I don’t blame that man, I think he is amazing. I still keep in contact with him, randomly, but it’s there. He had a hockey tournament in the twin cities my sophomore year of college and I still remember the feeling I got when I went and picked him up and brought him to my apartment. It was the first time I had seen him in two years, and all of those feelings came back. It felt so good to be with him, I felt whole again for the first time in a long time. We had made plans to hangout the next day and I panicked. It was New Years Eve, and I had planned on staying sober so I could go get him, I didn’t. I couldn’t. I couldn’t let myself feel that, in that moment I wouldn’t let myself. He must have been feeling the same way, because he changed his mind as well. He “got busy”, just as I “got busy”. How ironic, right. Every time we talk now, we speak about that time, how we both wished we would have seen each other one more time. We both still speak about our paths crossing again, and for some reason I believe they will. I am not sure how, but I think they will. We had a connection so deep and so special, it would be a shame if they didn’t cross again. 

Anyways, that was a long story, I was going to make short, but failed. This was the beginning of my “hard core” running. The running that was caused me to lose friends and lovers. It is a habit I can’t seem to kick. I run before things get to serious, or before I think I may get hurt. I sometimes think that I truly believe that all lovers and friends that come into my life are going to hurt me. I am in constant fear that today will be the end or something bad is going to happen. I wish I could kick that fear. I do not want to end a friendship or relationship because of this anymore. I want to be that person that can be counted on and someone who lets love in, not pushes it away. I am tired of making that one night stand make me feel fulfilled on love for as much time as needed. I am tired of meeting a great guy and never calling him again. I am tired of sticking around with the wrong men because I know I will never like them enough for them to hurt me. Most of all, I am tired of having a great man in my life and running away as quick as I can. I am working on this, and I will keep you all updated on the progress I make and how I get there. I want a great love… Even if it ends in heart break, I want a great love, a BIG LOVE. 

Wheels up..

Here I am.. Sitting at the airport waiting to board my flight. A flight that was a gift, an amazing gift. The gift came from Kim and her family, my sons mom. I am still sitting here in shock. I can’t believe this is real. I set alarm after alarms this morning, to make sure I would wake up. I moved in to my first “grown up” apartment yesterday, so to say I am exhausted would be a LARGE understatement. I woke up at 7 and my first thought was “why am I up so early?”. It took me a second to register that today was the day. Today’s the day I am going on the trip of a lifetime, a trip most people dream about. I spoke about swimming with dolphins when I was living with Kim before my son was born. It was almost an obsession, and has been most of my life. I am fascinated by them. I also love water. I would rather be in water then anywhere else.

Kim called me about a month ago and told me about the trip. Her family and her wanted to give me something to celebrate my graduation from college. When she called I could not even speak. I didn’t even know what to say. I was just in awe and shock. It was an amazing moment.

I decided to go by myself. I had tossed around the option of someone else coming and it looked unappealing. I would have loved Kim and Jesse to come, but this time that wasn’t an option. Kim has taught me about self love and self worth since the very first day I met her. When she gave me the trip she described it as being a trip to celebrate me and my achievements, a trip where I can feel loved and celebrated. I never really got the time to reflect and rewind on my life. After Jesse was born I moved back home and started an internship and job almost instantly, and since then my life has been non stop. I never got to sit back and relax and really take in life and what had just come about. I didn’t get to celebrate the birth of my son, or mourn the loss of his constant presence. Not even just life revolving around Jesse, but I have been so busy the last year that I am forgetting who I am and the values that I hold. I have been so preoccupied with my busy life that I have no time for myself. That is what this trip is about. Reflecting, relaxing, and releasing any feelings I have inside of me. I do not have to worry about pleasing anyone else but myself. I can do as much as I want or as little as I want. I hold the cards, just as I hold the cards in my life. I am more then excited to spend the week celebrating me and what my life has become. Of course, I know there will be tears. I am prepared for that. I also know there will be smiling. 

Well, they just called my zone. So, wish me luck on this week long journey of reflection and relaxation. 

The big day: Graduation!

So, this week is kind of a big deal in my life and for many reasons. First off, a year ago yesterday I found out I was pregnant on my 5th visit to the doctor in 20 weeks. I ended up getting so sick, almost dead, and went in again. It was unlike anything I could ever describe. I knew something was wrong with me, but I trusted my doctors and they didn’t do the tests, so I didn’t concern myself with it. My mom was also diagnosed with breast cancer the day after I got pregnant and I became one of her primary care takers. I made the two hour drive from school home weekly to help with whatever needed to be done. I was distracted taking care of her and my little brother, I ignored my own health. When I went to the doctor with concerns they thought I was paranoid about my mothers diagnosis. They never did a pregnancy test, even after 4 visits in 20 weeks. I found out I was pregnant on May 7th, at 21 weeks and 3 days. Talk about  a walking TV show. You want to know how I found out… I went in so sick, they thought it was my kidneys right away, gave them my urine and blood, but they didn’t test it for pregnancy, instead they gave me an Xray. The Xray tech saw a skeleton on the image. THEN they tested my urine and confirmed I was pregnant. Seriously, that happened. It was unbelievable and shocking to say the least. I had been sexual active twice that whole year and one of the times was a drunken mistake that I didn’t even know the details of. I woke up the next morning after that drunken night, thinking I had been drugged and very fuzzy about the night. BUT none the less, it happened and there as baby boy growing inside of me. That clinic was the worst visit of my life, and not because I found out I was pregnant but for many other reasons that I will share some day soon. Back to the point, this time last year my life changed forever. I didn’t think I was going to make it through it and NOW here I am. My son is across the country, but I am doing everything I set out to do and more. I know that he will be proud of me some day.

Tomorrow I walk across the stage of my University and graduate from college. I am graduated with a double major and a minor. The day is here. The day I have been waiting for, but now can’t believe it came so quick. This time last year I thought I would become another statistic drop out. I didn’t see graduation in my future. Now, here I am. I was invited to the Board of Regents brunch at my school this afternoon to speak about my political lobbying experience this semester. I spoke in front of the people who make all the decisions for my school, and provide most of the funding. They were telling me how proud they were of me for my accomplishments of writing legislation and it being projected to finally pass next week. That is my life. I went from being so lost and depressed and confused and broken, to a well known name in Minnesota and an “inspiration”, as I am told, to my fellow classmates and professors. I couldn’t help but want to tell them about my journey this past year and what I went through with my son. They don’t know, but I want to tell them it is because of him I am doing what I am doing. I have worked so hard and tried to do everything I possibly could because of him. I want him to know that it wasn’t for nothing. I did it to better both of us. Some day I will come out with my story.. some day I will have the courage to do it. Will it be soon? Probably not. But that is okay. For right now I am going to soak in this joy of accomplishing what I thought was going to be unattainable. It is here. The day is here and I thank my son every day for coming into my life. 

I finally said it out loud.

Last night after a few drinks with old friends, I finally admitted out loud how mad I was. There was one person in my life who really spoke out against me choosing adoption. She thought I should keep my son and raise him, even though it was not a path I wanted for myself or for my son. Everyone else simply said “no you can’t do this”. When I told my best friend the first thing she said was “get rid of it, you have goals”. This is what I was working with. I was and am a very intelligent, bright, outgoing and driven woman. I know that I have always said kids were not part of my plan, but come on. I heard these things repeatedly, by my friends and family who knew. At one point I had decided to keep the baby, my family who knew were so angry. They would make comments and say things that killed me. I couldn’t understand it, but then I started to believe it. I started to see that they were “right”. I didn’t want to be a mom and I was in no way shape or form ready for this life. My son deserved better, which everyone loved to remind me. Love wasn’t enough. 

I think once you hear something so many times, it becomes true in your head. You start to live that as your reality. I have felt not good enough my whole life and this was just another circumstance where I felt that. 

Every day I want my son back. Every single day. There are woman who are in horrible circumstances, they are living poverty, drug abusers, can’t raise the children they have, and many other worse off situations. Here I am an educated woman, and hardworking woman at that. I have always been able to do and achieve what I wanted. I come from a family who had the means to help me. I wouldn’t be where I am now, graduating school, lobbying a bill, and being a carefree 20 something, but I would have the most important piece of me. I know that my son is living a life I could never give him now, but I can’t help but be so mad at myself. Why did I do it? Why did I think I wasn’t enough? 

I wish there was a magic word or something that would help me out. I can’t help but think this depression will never end. It isn’t constant, but finally admitting out loud that I am mad felt so good. It felt good to finally be honest. I am angry, and I think I am aloud to feel that way. My son started crawling and I had no idea. I had no idea! He started pulling himself up on things to stand, and I had no idea. He went to the beach, my favorite place to be, and I had no idea. I wasn’t there to share those big moments, and I never will be. Of course, I can try and fly there every chance I get and when Kim will let me. But I will miss it all.

Kim is a great mother, and she deserves the love of a child. I feel honored to be able to give that to her, but what about me? What happens to me? What happens to our relationship if I want to know more? I don’t want to push her because I want to know my son, I don’t want to tell her I am angry. I would never break our bond, not only because I love her deeply, but because she holds the fate of my relationship with my son in her hands. 

Where do I go from here? How do I fix myself? How do I quit being angry and start feeling happy all the time again? 

Life goes on..

It is has been hard for me to celebrate the good times. I find nothing good enough, to justify my decision to place my son for adoption. But that all has changed recently. I finally stopped down grading my accomplishments after his placement. I am doing major things with my life, and I used to go to bed thinking it wasn’t good enough. I do not know why I was feeling this way. I am sure it was partly because what could ever truly justify making that decision? At the end of the day it is not about me, it is about my son. He deserved more then I could give him now, and now he has that. I always said I would never bring a child into this world if I could not provide the life they deserved, but it happened. I do believe I made the right choice. I know I did. Of course I have my days of doubt, but then I look at his smile and his mom’s smile and I feel at ease. I look at what I am doing with my life right now and I feel relief. I am graduating from college in a month, lobbying a bill and furthering myself EVERY day. My name is known in the TC because of the work I am putting in, in trying to create a law at our state Capitol, there are articles written about me daily. I walk into the Capitol and people know who I am, they say hello to me or dodge me because of their illness towards my bill. I have news channels and radio stations on speed dial, and legislators in my phone. At work, I waitress, people come in and know who I am, and even while I am out and about in the TC. They have seen my face, heard my name or read my name.  I sometimes think to myself “is this real?”. I can’t believe a year ago I was struggling so much, didn’t think there was a light at the end of the tunnel, and now here I am making huge moves in my life. How did this happen? I have always been determined but now I have an extra motivation. I think it is because I want to make my son proud. I want him to know that I didn’t place him so I could party, I wanted to further my life and his life. When I wake up I do not think about going out and getting crazy like most college seniors, I think about what I can do to make an impact on others during my day. I think about the legacy I am going to leave behind, everywhere I go! I am enough, and my actions are enough!! I see that now, and feel more proud every day.